-         Full Passport ( original ) and its copy : if you are not in Spain, you can provide a compulse of this document at Spanish Consulate at the same time signing power for representative.


-         NIE no. It is to be obtained either at Consulate, or at Spain ( police Office) by a representative. To obtain NIE no. Needed full Passport or compulse of this document .


-         Criminal Records Clearance of country of nationality and country of last residence. This document should be translated ( jury translation) and legalised or stamped by “Apostille” . The translation could be done at Spain or either abroud.


-         Having enough earnings or economical funds for itself and family. The ammount is to be aprox. 28.000 for appicant and 5.000 additional for each member of the family. It is not neccessary to be anual earnings, could be Bank Statement.


-         Insurance Health Policy. This policy should be of a company either stablished at Spain or either with a Foreign company authorised in Spain for this coverings.


-         Investment in Real State for a Price of 500.000 euros or more , without mortages or deeds. If the investment is more than 500.000, additional Price can be under a mortage. Prooved by Land Registry ( Property Registry of Spain) certifications.


-         Medical certificate of not having any diseases ( form provided) , better doing it at Spain, so it has not to be translated or legalized later.


-         For family: also medical insurace policy, proof of funds as above stated, and also proof of family link: marriage certificate, should be legalized/ apostille and jury -translated into Spanish.


-         Non tax residence certificate and certificate of proof not having debts at Spain ( this document to be provided at Spanish Tax Offices, could be obtained directly by representative).


-         Padron: registration as living in Spain at property. To be done at Municipality ( can be done by representative).


-         3 colour photographs ( applicant and family member)


-         Taxes.




Once obtained residence permit ( for 2 years), applicants should ask for the authorisation card at Police authorities, with Passport, photographs, taxes, NIE, residence permit and registration at Spain. Finger print should be done ( for both) and later (1 month before is provided but if not in Spain could be done until 1 year from first finger prints ), should be given the card by new finger prints. These two acts are the only ones to be done directly by applicants.

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